I have a weakness for the pink Japanese cat. The latest fad in Singapore is to collect the McDonald’s Hello Kitty series and I just got myself the Hello Kitty Frog Prince that comes with the purchase of a value meal. On the Thursday when McDonald’s release the new Hello Kitty plush, I see a long queue at the drive-through near my office early in the morning!

One of the cafes in Seoul that I wanted to visit during my trip in March was the Hello Kitty cafe in Hongdae. I followed the directions to the cafe on a blog which stated that the cafe was round the corner from a Ho Bar cafe. There are a number of Ho Bar cafes scattered around Hongdae but none was the right one, and I got terribly lost wandering around in the maze of alleyways in Hongdae. I just could not find the cafe. I was about to give up when I finally came across the “landmark Ho Bar pub”.

I turned the corner and squealed. 🙂

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul photo Seoul-0803-130322_zps9b8c5690.jpg

The entire shop was so PINK. Not a refreshing light pink but a hot fushcia pink.

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul photo Seoul-0791-130322_zps212cde47.jpg

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul photo Seoul-0801-130322_zps6f24a51b.jpg

It was really difficult to decide what to order. I was already stuffed from churros, coffee, lunch and more coffee. In the end, I picked a pink strawberry mousse cake in the shape of a Hello Kitty face and a glass of cold tea. Drinking another cup of coffee, I would be bouncing off walls.

Isn’t the cake cute?  I couldn’t bring myself to stick a fork into its cute little face.

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul photo Seoul-0782-130322_zps52b7bece.jpg

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul photo Seoul-0800-130322_zpsa778cca1.jpg

I was amused by this chap. I don’t think you will find many Singaporean guys doing this in a Hello Kitty cafe.  Practically everyone in the cafe was busy snapping away on their cameras and smart phones…

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul photo Seoul-0785-130322_zps507d19ed.jpg

Or busy playing games on their smartphones. You would think that the customer base of such a cafe would be the young, but it wasn’t the case. I saw women and men of all ages drinking coffee in the cafe. Grannies with their young grand-daughters, young men in their 20s with their girlfriends, middle-aged ahjusshis wth their wives (I think). I doubt my husband would be caught dead in the cafe.

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul photo Seoul-0790-130322_zps8a0e141d.jpg

The warm red tones of the room made me feel very claustrophobic after 30 minutes and I had to get out before I started feeling nauseous.

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul photo Seoul-0792-130322_zps16547537.jpg

I toyed with the idea of getting one of the Hello Kitty T-shirts on sale, but decided against buying more stuff since I had to drag my near-bursting suitcase to SF.  I really liked the one with the Hello Kitty face, maybe the next time.

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul photo Seoul-0798-130322_zpsbfa6811b.jpg

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul photo Seoul-0799-130322_zps41437891.jpg


The cafe is right in the middle of Hongdae and the landmark Ho Bar to look for is the one shown in the photo below, above a Watsons (though I cannot be sure that Watsons will stay in that location). Turn the corner from this building and the Hello Kitty cafe is 50 metres away, on a slope. This blog has a good map showing the directions to the cafe.

 photo Seoul-7398-130322_zps3d0cec30.jpg
358-112 Seogyo-dong (94-3 Eoulmadang-ro)

View Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae in a larger map

Seoul: The Hello Kitty Cafe In Hongdae
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