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Dinner with my friends at Restaurant Ember last weekend. These are some of my favourite things to eat at the restaurant where we have been dining at since they opened in 2002.

It is sad that after April, we will no longer be able to eat the chef’s cooking at the restaurant. The remarkable thing about his cooking is not just that the food is simply amazing, but consistently good. In all these years that I have been a customer, I don’t think I have ever left the restaurant feeling disappointed.

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Oh well. All good things come to an end. To commemorate the year that the restaurant opened for business, we brought along these three bottles of 2002 Bordeaux (I think!!). I hardly know my wine, their regions, producers and vintages. As long as the wine tastes good, that’s most important to me.

Edit: My husband is appalled that I could not tell that the Redigaffi is an Italian merlot, and called it a Bordeaux.  Oh well, at least I know that he reads what I write.

Restaurant Ember
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