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Really Too Bad

FT Island
FT Island

Read that fans queued overnight to buy tickets to their Singapore fanmeet end of January and the tickets were sold out before you could say pronto.  The Hallyu wave is slowly but surely creeping insidiously onto our shores.

I wanted to attend the fanmeet but no chance now.  How to outrun these energetic teenage Primadonnas in buying tickets? Yeah, I know these boys are really young – they are practically wearing diapers under those snazzy clothes.

At this point, I am wondering how the official fanclubs of these idol bands coin their fanclub moniker.  

For example, the fans of FT Island call themselves ‘Primadonnas’.  The DBSK fans are ‘Cassiopeia’ – which is basically a constellation so I am not sure if this is a play on their idols being some far-flung and unreachable star. The Girls Generation fans are ‘So Weons’ – which means ‘Honey’ I think.  The fans of ss501 (pronounced as ‘Double S’) are known as ‘Triple S’ – again, another word play I wonder. 

Well, Rain fans are ‘Clouds’.  This one is a no-brainer but what tickles me is that he actually has a protege called ‘Thunder’.  Now, when is ‘Lightning’ turning up?

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