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Starting All Over Again With the Rangefinder

I bought a rangefinder manual focus camera recently, and I am learning how to use it.  I am starting from scratch with this camera – learning how to compose, focus and click the shutter at the right moment.  I took it out with me for some practice shots this weekend.  As I am still practising how to focus manually, I place less focus on composition. So my photos with this camera have so far turned out badly framed and some even look lopsided.

 photo L1000118-150206-v2__zps611cd3e5.jpgStarbucks, Parklane@ECP.  The store was very crowded on a Saturday morning.  Plenty of cyclists and joggers streaming in after their morning exercise for air-conditioning and breakfast.   In spite of the crowds, I love going there on weekends.  The store is located in a huge open space with plenty of free parking.  

 photo L1000157-150207-v2__zps2a876a79.jpgRepetto, ION Orchard.  I like wearing their ballet flats.  An the Repetto stores look so inviting with their warm colors and chandeliers.  I have this thing for chandeliers, and I wish I could have one in my home; pity, the ceiling at home is too low to hang one.

 photo L1000145-150207-v2__zpsa31e168d.jpgHeadline Seoul, Wheelock Place.  One of my favorite places to shop for dresses.  I like most things Korean, with the exception of their electronics and cars.

 photo L1000142-150207-v2__zpse3dda30b.jpgMelissa Shoes Singapore, Wheelock Place.  I like the quirky decor of Melissa.  Whoever did the visual merchandising for them, I like what you have done.  Even though I wear mostly flats from Repetto or open-toed Saltwater sandals, I cannot resist popping into the shop to check out their shoes whenever I walk past the shop to get to Isetan.  I bought a pair of the Melissa x Jason Wu jelly ballet flats in a pretty shade of blush pink, but pity, the shoes did not fit me so well and I sold them on Carousell after a few wears.  I was surprised to receive so many offers for the shoes shortly after listing them for sale.  I did not realize that the brand is so popular.

 photo L1000158-150207-v2__zps6d89fed5.jpgLeica, ION Orchard.  The famous red dot. Every photographer’s dream to own a Leica, no?  

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