Eversince YH taught me how to cook this porridge years ago, I have not stopped making it.

We love eating this cabbage-carrot porridge, especially on a cool, rainy day.   Like today.

The stock is made using a handful of local anchovies and two to three pieces of Korean anchovies, dried scallops, several slices of ginger and one white radish.  Then I add one cup of broken rice grains, one large cabbage, two carrots and a chicken thigh or breast to the stock and simmer over low fire for 30 minutes. 

I like to top the porridge with pan-fried tau kwa, shredded chicken, scallions, parsley and freshly fried shallots.  The smell of shallots frying in the wok is heavenly and they add such a fragrant sweetness to the porridge.

Great comfort food for me.

Cabbage-Carrot Porridge On A Rainy Day

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