^ Taken at the Pasir Ris Town Park.

I have slept a night in a hammock once, when I was 18 years old, in Pulau Tioman.

A couple of friends and I spent one week in Tioman after our ‘A’ Levels and we couldn’t get any accommodation (read: CHEAP accommodation) for one night. So the ladies slept in a hammock and the guys had to make do with ponchos on the sandy beach (I think – can’t really remember now).

The hammock was quite comfortable, I recall.

That was a super super SUPER fun trip where we had so much fun hiking in the Tioman forests, living on nasi gorengs, mee gorengs and teh tarik all day long. I even had a short stint running a Ramli burger stand, cooking the burgers, for a few days while the owner collected money for the burgers, lying on a hammock somewhere close by.

You know, none of my other more luxurious holidays come close to being as wonderful or memorable as those Malaysian trips that I took with my junior college friends after our ‘A’ Levels.

I wonder – if I had an 18-year old daughter, would she be allowed to run amok in some Malaysian island with several pre-NS guys living in cheap, dingy huts…?

Pho-to: In A Hammock
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