Ever since moving back home 3 months ago, I have hardly spent very much quality time at home. Work has been going at break-neck speed lately, and I have been spending vast amounts of time in the office, such that home has become a hotel.

I wake up, get dressed, go to work, get home past 10pm most nights, shower and go to bed. A large part of the weekends have been spent either in the office, or running errands. I feel that I have lost control of my time, and to a certain extent, my life.

I managed to stop myself from going into the office this weekend. I decided that I had to draw a line somewhere, get some rest and regain a little of my personal time. I invited mom, cousins and aunt came over for dinner last evening. I have been so out of touch with cooking, so food wasn’t that great. But it isn’t about food, or my cooking, but about spending time together with family.

Today, I visited my grandpa in the hospital, came home in the afternoon, baked a simple chiffon cake, watched several episodes of Higashino Keigo’s mystery dramas online and put together a simple dinner. I am happy to be able to find the energy to come here and write something tonight.

To a better week ahead.

Peekture: Unwinding At Home
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