^ Quite a pretty place. And it was rather quiet on a Saturday afternoon. Perfect for catching up with friends over a meal. Thought the food was decent but could do with a bit more punch.

先週の土曜日 わたしと主人と友達は DempseyのPamplemousseで 昼ごはんを たべました。レストランのなかは きれいだったで、しずかだったです。わたしたちは セトランチに した。それに ワインのボトルを注文。たかくなったんです。 私は セトゥンチのメニュから注文 salmonとuni taglioliniとosmanthus creme buleeです。全部 おいしかったですけど、uni tagliolini が 一番すきだったです。 私は うにをたべるのが すきです。

^ Citrus-marinated salmon

^ Uni tagliolini. The portion looks substantial in the photo but in reality, is so tiny I could have gobbled it all up in two bites. I thought this was the tastiest of all the 3 courses.

^ Osmanthus creme brulee with lychee sorbet.

This bunch of photos were taken with the Lumix GF2 and edited with a photo-processing software.  I’m finding it quite difficult to use a compact camera now after getting used to the DSLR.  The angles that I shoot photos at with the DSLR do not produce the same results in a compact camera. I’m beginning to find using the compact camera a very frustrating exercise.

I think I should have just bought the iPhone4 instead of the Lumix GF2.

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