Craving for some scones, I made a batch yesterday. It was my first attempt at making scones. Not sure why since I love this stuff.

They didn’t turn out looking how I expected scones to look like, but were edible. I gobbled up 3 immediately after they were done baking in the oven because I was so hungry after expending all the energy screeching my head off at the tuina session.

No clotted cream. So I ate the scones slathered with butter and old strawberry jam.

When I say “old jam”, I meant OLD jam. Jam that has been lying in my fridge since 2005. Gross I know. I could call this vintage jam.

I bought the jam from Margaret River five years ago, and could not bear to throw it away even though it has expired.

It hasn’t gone bad or turned mouldy. And I’m still very much alive.

Old Jam And Fresh Scones

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