I took this photo on my iPhone of Nori, my friend’s Dalmatian, when I was invited to his place for dinner last week. She is a very affectionate old girl.

I used to dislike dogs. When I was about 10 years old, my neighbour’s schnauzer decided to sink her teeth into my thigh for no apparent reason. It took me at least a decade before I overcame my irrational fear of dogs (should it be ‘rational’ since there was a reason why I got scared…?) and could let one come near me without (me) trembling in fear.

Back to Nori. On a whim, we decided to get Nori to sit down in front of a painting of a Dalmatian that is hanging in their dining room. We thought this would make such a pretty picture. And Nori obliged.

And was probably wondering why was there all this fuss over a painting when the real McCoy is in the house.

But no, that painting isn’t a portrait of Nori. Her owner just happened to see the painting in an art gallery and bought it.

I really like this photo.

Nori, The Dalmatian
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