photo 1_zps4ada2003.jpgI just read seven volumes of The Embalmer online, and am wishing that more volumes were available in English.  I love this manga!

It is about Shinjyurou Mamiya, a half-American and half-Japanese medical student who decides to abandon his medical studies and follow in his late American father’s footsteps to become an embalmer, a profession that is not highly regarded in Japan.  He sees embalming as a way of restoring the living appearance of the dead person so that their families can grieve properly and obtain closure.  Each chapter in the manga is a separate story about Shinjyurou’s experiences as an embalmer and the effects of these experiences on his life.  Through these stories, we get to know more about embalming as well as Shinjyurou’s background and his human relationships.

This is a really good slice-of-life manga if you do not find the subject matter too morbid.  

Manga: The Embalmer
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