Finally. It is finished. The first round, I mean.


I wanted to give up after botching the dough the first time. I put it all down to my Mom’s cryptic instructions.

What does “6 eggs, want 5 egg yolks, 1/2 egg white” mean? If only 5 egg yolks are required, why did she specify 6 eggs….??

It has been too long since I last made the tarts and cannot remember the details of her instructions (and of course, I didn’t jot down notes previously). Plus she was nowhere to be found when I needed to speak to her to clarify this.

I figured she meant 5 egg yolks and the 6th egg is for the egg wash. So I tried again.

Halfway through, I realised that a rolling pin no longer resides in this household and had to substitute with an empty Dr Loosen for rolling the dough. I also have to get a watercolour paintbrush for applying egg wash.

Pineapple Tarts

Verdict of tarts? Okay, except that the jam is too sweet and tastes a bit cloying. The quantity of rock sugar has to be reduced by some arbitrary amount – maybe 50g – in the next batch of pineapple that I cook.

I also know that Mom will complain about the inconsistency in the sizes of the pineapple balls and the thickness of the crusts. As I have always said to her: “I am human, not a machine…”

And please excuse me, I am going to cam-whore a little here.


Making Pineapple Tarts – Part III

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