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Some days, I feel so trapped in the gigantic office-cum-mall building (where I am currently based out of) that I feel that I would start hyperventilate if I did not run out to get some fresh air. The building is so crowded during lunch that I can hardly find a quiet spot to eat my lunch in peace and be alone with my thoughts.

Last week, I decided to buy a salad from Health Fuel Station at One Raffles Quay and and eat by the bay-front.  I usually do not salads for lunch because I find salads to be a rip-off for the quality of ingredients in a serving.  But Health Fuel Station does really good salads – a wide selection of salad fixings, sizeable portions and yummy dressings.  I cannot believe that I am saying this but I really enjoy eating their salads.

It was very quiet and scenic but VERY HOT.  I was literally baking in the sun with my salad, but I felt a whole lot more relaxed sitting in the sun than squeezing with the crowds in the air-conditioned mall.

Lunch In The Sun
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