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Korean Movie: Marriage Blue

I like going to the cinemas, even when I am on my own. I am not being anti-social or anything like that, but I don’t really see watching movies as an activity that one must do with another person.  When I was an undergraduate, I would go to the movies on my own if I had a long stretch of time in between tutorials or lectures.  I don’t mind re-watching the same movie several times if I like it alot.  I watched Dead Poets Society and Emma six times each at the cinema, it was a good thing that movie tickets did not cost an arm and a leg in those days.

Since I became busy with work, going to the movies became a rarity.  Weekends are so precious that I balk at spending several hours in the movies – it feels like almost half the day has flown past after watching a movie.

Now that I have more free time on hand, I find myself constantly checking on the Internet to see what is currently playing, or coming up soon, at the cinemas.  I watched The Hobbit II last weekend and caught a Korean rom-com, Marriage Blue, this weekend.

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I like rom-coms and the Koreans do this genre very well.   Marriage Blue (shouldn’t it be called ‘Marriage Blues’) is a montage of stories revolving around pre-wedding jitters faced by four different couples.  The story manages to stay heart-warming, humourous and light-hearted while dealing with a rather serious and sombre topic of confronting and grappling with pre-marital self-doubts and relationship issues just before the wedding. I was looking forward to watching Kim Kang Woo, a very versatile Korean actor play a couple with Kim Hyo-jin, an actress whose acting I enjoy watching but sadly, she does not appear in many projects.  Kim Kang Woo did not disappoint, as always, even in a comical role.

Of all the stories, I liked the love triangle of Tacyeon, Lee Yeon-hee and Joo Ji-hoon the best because it is the most realistic.  Their story fleshes out a typical real-life scenario where a couple (Tacyeon + Lee Yeon Hee) decides to marry after dating for seven years, as getting married seems to be the logical next course of action, only realising just before the wedding (and the appearance of a third-party) that the fizz has gone out of the relationship a long time ago.  Do you hang on for the sake of doing so?

For fans of Tacyeon, he was a darn good piece of eye-candy in the movie.  It is a pity that the script didn’t require him to do more than just look pretty onscreen.  I was surprised by how good Joo Ji-hoon can be when he is cast in a funny and light-hearted role.  Most of his previous roles required him to look  too serious, too sombre and consequently, too stiff, un-natural and plain boring.

I laughed so hard at the pre-wedding couple hijinks and enjoyed myself thoroughly.  I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves a rom-com, a good laugh and plenty of eye-candy (for both men and women).  Even the husband who runs away from anything that has a remote reference to K-pop, enjoyed himself at the movie.  I may just catch it at the cinema again!  On my own.


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