We arrived in Jeju-do yesterday and came straight to PODO Hotel from the airport. The flight from Seoul to Jeju was a short 1 hour but it was a noisy one, as half the flight was occupied by hordes of rowdy 12 year-olds on a school excursion to Jeju and they created a minor ruckus on the plane as well as at the Gimpo and Jeju airports.  We scrambled to collect our lugguage before the kids descended on us but unfortunately, we could not out-run them and were nearly flattened by their pre-adolescent enthusiasm at the carousel.

I thought about renting a car from Hertz or Avis at the airport and drive ourselves to PODO. But I forgot about getting an international driver’s license before I left and I guess I could do without the stress of navigating in a place where people drive on the left. 

After a couple of days in muggy Seoul, we were really hoping for clear skies in Jeju but unfortunately, the foggy skies had followed us down south.  Though not as foggy as Seoul’s, the Jeju sky has been swathed in thick, grey-ish clouds. 

From time to time, we get a peek of the clear, blue sky with strong rays of light streaming through when the clouds move.  That’s when I rush out of the hotel room with my jacket and camera hoping to snap some photographs before it becomes all gloomy again.

^ View of the dining room of PODO.

We are going to be in Jeju till Friday – that gives us about 3 full days on this island before we head back to Seoul.  But one look at PODO and we decided that we would be chilling out in the resort for most of our stay in Jeju.   It is a stunning building situated on beautiful grounds with lots of vegetation and tall grass.  I don’t mind just hanging out in the resort, do nothing but read and recuperate from last week’s travels.

^PODO gave us a beautiful Korean-style room and this is where I have been parking myself at during my waking hours.

Also, the food in the PODO restaurant is amazingly good.  It serves mostly Korean cuisine, but done in a slightly fusion-esque style which seems to be going down quite well with TBH.

Jeju: PODO Hotel

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