I have never watched very much anime. Recently, some of my teenage classmates in Japanese language class told me that anime was what got them interested to learn the Japanese language. Listening to their discussions with each other about the latest animes made me curious to check out the anime world.

And these two animes caught my attention…!! Itazura Na Kiss and City Hunter.  I am not sure if these are the most fashionable ones to watch right now since I could barely catch the names of the animes which were recommended to me. 

I didn’t quite like the Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean drama adaptation of Itazura Na Kiss. The Taiwanese version – I watched part one and didn’t bother with part two. The 1996 Japanese version – 15 minutes into it and I was so bored. The Korean version – storyline was as bad as the Taiwanese version but there was eye-candy to motivate me till the end.

Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2008 Itazura Na Kiss anime because it is super cute, heart-warming and entertaining.  Unlike the characterizations in the dramas, the female protaganist didnt come across as dumb, naive and hopeless. She was spunky, a bit of a bungler, idealistic but with a good heart.

Now that I have completed Itazura Na Kiss, I am resuming City Hunter which is also good.  Each episode is short and sweet – about 25 mins max.

Watching these on the Internet streaming sites!


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