We went for a little hike in the woods, one of the Coal Mine Ridge trails near Portola Valley, in the Bay Area. I wanted to see ‘the tree’ – a tree that I have a beautiful photograph of, a present from C. After my last two hiking expeditions in Bhutan and Sri Lanka, I could not really muster up the enthusiasiam to go on a hike, even though it turned out to be a relatively easy walk, one which I did not have to curse and swear all the way up, or down.

Despite how I feel about hiking, I like being out there in the woods, spending time with nature, inhaling fresh air and the scents of wet grass. I like looking at trees, especially huge old trees with thick trunks and gnarled, twisted branches that form beautiful patterns against the sky.

 photo SF-0485-130330_zpse6ba2d3c.jpg

Isn’t ‘the tree’ grand? I wish I had brought a wide-angle lens and a tripod so that I could capture more of ‘the tree’.

 photo SF-0523-130330_zps84050859.jpg

Trudging along. The area was so quiet, I think we were the only ones hiking in that area.  The weather was quite lovely – a lil sunny but not hot.

 photo SF-0462-130330_zpsdc58026f.jpg

The scene was so inviting I wanted to lie down on the grass and take a nap.

 photo SF-0464-130330_zpsc90374b6.jpg

Smaller versions of ‘the tree’, but no less charming.

 photo SF-0472-130330_zpsd2a3af60.jpg

I don’t know what those ‘nest-looking’ things hanging from the tree are.  For a very brief moment, my heart stopped beating ‘cos I thought they were bee nests.

 photo SF-0481-130330_zpsbc0b6e70.jpg

We arrived at ‘the tree’ after approximately 45 minutes.  Glad that it was a shady area where I could sit down and take a breather. From the certain angles, ‘the tree’ looks a little eerie, as though it has plenty of secrets of its own. It also reminds me of Enid Blyton’s ‘Magical Faraway Tree’ and I can imagine the tree coming alive at night.

 photo SF-0502-130330_zps61004b9f.jpg

C decided to attempt climbing the tree.

 photo SF-0507-130330_zps9e089c67.jpg

She made it!

 photo SF-0512-130330_zps2da8b4c6.jpg

Then she needed some help coming down. 🙂

 photo SF-0522-130330_zps05957927.jpg

Heading back along the same trail to get some lunch.  It was quite a good workout and I think it was the first time I perspired since arriving in SF.

San Francisco: Hiking in the Coal Mine Ridge Trails, Bay Area
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