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Hello 2019

My last post on this blog was in August 2016. Two-and-a-half-years years have since gone past. I have continued to pay for this self-hosted website even though I wasn’t sure I would write in this blog again.

I was looking around on the Internet for a free e-commerce website and it pointed me to WooCommerce, a free plug-in if you have a self-hosted WordPress website. So that’s how I ventured back into this website to check out the e-commerce plug-in.

Why did I stop even though I enjoyed writing here? I am not quite sure. I suppose it was easier to keep vignettes of my life and travels on social media such as Instagram than having to write a longer piece here. The other reason being that I used to write on my ancient 2010 MacBook Air which became slower and slower, to the point that I stopped using it.

I am now writing this on the WordPress app on my iPhone. It isn’t too bad because I can upload photos taken with the iPhone directly onto the blog without having to go through PhotoBucket. Just takes some getting used to.

Ok, I will be back!

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