Every time I flip open the menu at a restaurant in Oslo, I feel conflicted. Should I choose the mussels, or the oysters, or the fish stew? Due to the excruciatingly expensive prices, I tried not to order more than one main course. Most of the time, I pick the mussels which taste sooooo good.

I have always wanted to try the fish stew, and only got around to ordering the dish on our last day in Oslo at an open-air restaurant facing the harbour.  The broth was tasty, with generous portions of shrimp and mussels and julienne vegetables.  The cream sauce was light and creamy, but without being cloying or fishy.  I mopped up all the sauce with bread.

Visiting Oslo makes me feel glad that there is an availability of cheap and good food at the hawker centres and coffeeshops in Singapore, such that eating out frequently will not send us to the poor house.

Oslo: Fiskesuppe, Norwegian Fish Stew
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