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Figurines From Japan

I like collecting these clay figurines from Japan, and bought a few more during our last trip to add to (or replace) our current collection.


^ Kuro-Shiro Maneki Neko (黒白招き猫), the ubiquitous Japanese Beckoning cat figurines that one sees in most Japanese shops and restaurants. I bought this to replace the set which was misplaced some time ago.

Oh well, I am sure the missing cats are at home somewhere and will eventually turn up one day. Then, I will have two sets of lucky charms, instead of just one.

(Oh dear, from the photo, I can see a layer of dust on my TV console.)


^ Usagi(兔). This year is the Year of the Rabbit. I already have one rabbit figurine (the rose-pink one with standing ears) but when I spotted this cute white rabbit figurine, I couldn’t resist getting it.


^ Tatsu (龍). To welcome the Year of the Dragon! We bought one in a nice shade of green and placed it right next to the figurine of the Rat.

We also have a pair of orange-and-white monkey (猿) figurines which we bought from Nikko years ago.

Besides Japanese snacks, these figurines are lovely and inexpensive gifts to buy for friends and family. They are also available online at several Japanese websites – which I should absolutely avoid.

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