We went to the newly refurbished Changi Village Food Centre to grab some local breakfast that comes in a combo of oily and unhealthy, but super-delicious food. That’s a plate of black carrot cake for me and a bowl of lontong for the husband. The food centre was crowded with families and cyclists having their morning meal.

As it was a cool and windy morning, we decided to take a stroll around the sleepy Changi Village neighbourhood and have a cup of coffee at Chock Full Of Beans before heading home. This neighborhood is one of those few places left in Singapore which remains more or less the same as how I remember it to be from twenty years ago.

Changi Village photo DSC_0986-140125-v2__zps186d0486.jpg

Changi Village photo DSC_0998-140125-v2__zpsb85e6b49.jpg

Even though I don’t really enjoy cappuccinos and lattes, I always order a foamy milk-based coffee at Chock Full Of Beans. Just to enjoy the beautiful latte art crafted by the barista. Look at the Keroppi and Little Piggy on our coffees and the Popeye sketch on the plate!  It is such a shame to drink the coffees and destroy the beautiful art.

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Stenciled signboards. Rusting metal grille gates. I hardly see these around.

Changi Village photo DSC_0997-140125-v2__zps5515f234.jpg

Changi Village photo DSC_0973-140125-v2__zps923940af.jpg

Changi Village photo DSC_0972-140125-v2__zps6e9c3a7d.jpg

 photo DSC_0989-140125-v2__zpsdacd0d9a.jpg

There is a huge cycling community that hangs out at Changi Village during the weekends.  Most of them take the bum-boat from the pier to Pulau Ubin to cycle.

Changi Village photo DSC_1003-140125-v2__zpsd812f7d8.jpg

Changi Village photo DSC_0983-140125-v2__zps2f12cc84.jpg

Rarely do I see anyone use the public telephones nowadays.

Changi Village photo DSC_0978-140125-v2__zps774ee6bb.jpg

Good old traditional toys for children. Buckets. Spades. Shovels. Watering cans. Overtaken by the iPad and the X-box.

Changi Village photo DSC_0974-140125-v2__zpsdf864ccf.jpg

When you see crates of soft drinks being sold in a makeshift tent like this, you know that Chinese New Year is round the corner.


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