Well, I majorly screwed up when going to the Queen Sirikit Royal Botanic Gardens. By the time I picked up my SD card from the hotel and returned to the park, I wasn’t in exactly the best of moods to enjoy the exhibits at the park. Also, the hot weather was threatening to give us heatstroke.

We didn’t see many unusual orchids at the park. Many of the orchids being exhibited were available in Singapore. In that sense, we were a little disappointed. We should have gone during the cool weather season as we might have seen orchids that bloom during colder temperatures. Went around sniffing at the orchids and hmmmm, no fragrant scents there.

Apart from orchids, there were also conservatories filled with cacti, begonias, carnivorous plants, bromeliads and a rose garden.

Depending on the weather, one can spend up to half-a-day at the park. It is huge and very hilly – walking around the park would involve climbing up and down rather steep and winding slopes. Not recommended for the unfit (like me). Better to just take the tram, which departs from the entrance of the park at 30 minute intervals, to the conservatories located at the top of the park.

Some of the plants at the park that caught my eye:
^ I have no idea what this orchid is called. But I like the bright fushia pink colour, the shape of the petals and how they are tightly woven together.

^ This is the first time that I’m seeing a white Paphio.

^ The two-toned Mon Cherie Hybrid Tea Rose. Love the pink petals edged with red.

^ Begonia. I found the contrast in colours between the top and bottom of the leaves interesting.

^Cactus in bloom.

Chiangmai: Botanic Gardens

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