Chicken Fricassee

I wish I had purchased a DSLR camera much earlier to take better photos of the mind-blowing meals that TBH and I have been eating at the Tangs over the last couple of years.

We learnt how to ‘eat well’ at their home. By ‘eating well’, I mean developing a discerning palate as to what is good quality western/european food. Thank you so much.

Many restaurants serving such cuisine here either serve poor quality food or are simply not providing the high quality fare (and service) that their eyebrow-raising prices call for. There are only a couple of places here which I personally feel have a respectable price-quality ratio.

Chicken Fricassee

For dinner last evening, we had a delicious chicken fricassee (with mushrooms, Ratte potatoes, onions and celery root), accompanied by a bottle of Lenz merlot. We sopped up the lovely sauce with hot, crusty baguette.


This was followed by slushy orange granita with Campari (refreshing in the hot weather) and a decadent three-layer (bittersweet, milk, white) chocolate mousse for dessert.

As usual, we had a good time chatting over dinner. Especially now that the kids are older and are good fun to talk to.

But we had to help them with their Chinese homework first – not that we were of much help since we are quite useless where written Chinese is concerned – and it is horrifying to know how much harder school is now.

Chez Tang: Chicken Fricassee, et al.

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