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CF #007: Hi Seoul, Rain

Credits: scorpiolabibi

Myeh.  This commercial to promote Seoul, featuring Rain, is quite badly produced, in my view.  I doubt watching this CF will whet the appetite of the uninitiated to visit the city at all.  For me, watching this clip made me revisit the photos I took during my last trip in October 2009.

Listening to Rain go “Seoul makes you happy…” makes one doubt if it is the case because he looked so glum saying it.  And why is he holding that tacky whiteboard with the word ‘Seoul’ on it…?!  It looks so lame.

I thought this eye-catching building located somewhere in City Hall displays the word ‘Seoul’ perfectly. The Korean characters shown on the building are the Korean consonants and vowels corresponding to the alphabets ‘S-E-O-U-L’.


When he said that Hangang makes one happy, I was nodding away because I felt that way when I spent time at the river.  I hung out at the river for 4 hours one afternoon enjoying the peace, the crisp, fresh air and the quiet beauty of the surroundings.  I think the Hangang is now one of my favourite places in Seoul. 

Hangang River

In the clip, he also said that the “skies at the Hangang are so blue”.  Ironically, he was filmed saying this against a backdrop of the river when the sky was all foggy and gloomy!  Aiyoh. 

This was the very clear, blue sky which I saw at the Hangang (and likely to be what he was referring to). 


And this is the Hangang at dusk, when the numerous bridges spanning the river light up one by one.


I notice that the bulk of the CF was filmed at night so it showcases the city’s nightscape – and less of the day scenes. I guess Rain is only available to shoot this CF in the middle of the night (and also, shooting during the day might create a stampede).   I must say that the city looks pretty amazing at night too, full of life, glittery lights and buzz.

It is a pity that some of the lovely night scenes were shown fleetingly in the CF. Like the 12.23 water fountain display at the Gwanghwamun Plaza.


This makes me want to rush out and buy an air-ticket right now.

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