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Really Too Bad

FT Island
FT Island

Read that fans queued overnight to buy tickets to their Singapore fanmeet end of January and the tickets were sold out before you could say pronto.  The Hallyu wave is slowly but surely creeping insidiously onto our shores.

I wanted to attend the fanmeet but no chance now.  How to outrun these energetic teenage Primadonnas in buying tickets? Yeah, I know these boys are really young – they are practically wearing diapers under those snazzy clothes.

At this point, I am wondering how the official fanclubs of these idol bands coin their fanclub moniker.  

For example, the fans of FT Island call themselves ‘Primadonnas’.  The DBSK fans are ‘Cassiopeia’ – which is basically a constellation so I am not sure if this is a play on their idols being some far-flung and unreachable star. The Girls Generation fans are ‘So Weons’ – which means ‘Honey’ I think.  The fans of ss501 (pronounced as ‘Double S’) are known as ‘Triple S’ – again, another word play I wonder. 

Well, Rain fans are ‘Clouds’.  This one is a no-brainer but what tickles me is that he actually has a protege called ‘Thunder’.  Now, when is ‘Lightning’ turning up?

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Household Orchids #001


Currently residing in our tiny balcony are orchids belonging to the Paphiopedilum (the phallic-looking ones – icks, I don’t like) and Phalaenopsis breeds.

Like the bellina best because it is pretty and gives off a sweet-smelling fragrance in the morning.

BTW, the green thumbs in this household are not mine.

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Buah Keluak Is Poison

While exploring Tekka Market, I found a stall that sells cleaned buah keluak – $12 for a packet of 50 nuts – so I bought a packet to give a friend who makes a mean ayam buah keluak for someone who is not Nonya.

I am very fond of ayam buah keluak, especially the slightly bitter cooked buah keluak which I like eating on its own mixed in rice.

Out of curiosity as to how buah keluak is cleaned, I Googled the Internet for information.

Ok, I know I sound IGNORANT beyond words can describe but I learnt (for the first time in my life) that buah keluak – the seed from the fruit of the Kepayang tree found in Indonesia and certain parts of Malaysia – is lethal.

I read that almost every part of this tree and its fruit are poisonous. To remove the poison from buah keluak, locals cover the nuts with ash, bury them underground for 40 days and thereafter, boil the nuts in water several times. The nuts have to be soaked for several days or at the very least, over-night, in water before use.

I mentioned this fact to people around me and it seems that poisonous buah keluak is common knowledge. HOW COME I DIDN’T KNOW?!


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CF #001: Rain, SK Telecom

I love Rain’s SK Telecom CFs. They are cheesily cute and funny. I like how goofy-adorable he looks in them.

This toilet-bowl one is my favourite so far.  Watching it always makes me guffaw!

Thereafter, I watch the making of this CF and laugh even louder.


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This upcoming drama with an Italian restaurant setting is one that I am looking forward to watching. 

The food-themed storyline sounds fun and I like the leads Lee Seon-kyun and Gong Hyo-jin, especially the latter.  This also reminds me of Bambino, the Japanese drama featuring Jun Matsumoto as a rookie chef in an Italian restaurant, which I had enjoyed watching.

Airs 4 January 2010 in Korea, which is tomorrow!

I know that watching this drama is bound to send me into a bout of ‘I-Want-To-Cook-Pasta-And-Plate-It-Like-How-A-Chef-Does-It’ frenzy.

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Happy New Year 2010

For over 2 years, I kept a blog on Blogger but have chosen to keep it private. It is my personal space to write whatever I liked (the frivolous and inane), however I liked (possibly in bad grammar but I try to avoid using Singlish) and whenever I liked.

From time to time, friends have asked about the whereabouts of this mysterious blog because they know that I keep one. My response to that has invariably been “if I tell you then I will have to kill you…”

With the new year, I thought about starting afresh; about setting up a new blog with a different look (and keeping the old blog separately). The stark-looking, simple and uncluttered layout of this template appealed to me. I wanted a background in white because I like white alot and also, I feel that photographs look good against monochromatic colours like white and black.

So here I am, on the last night of the year, in the midst of setting up a new writing space and thinking about the answers to several questions.

Firstly, what should the focus of this new space be? Do I want to continue writing whatever random topic that pops into my mind like before? Or do I want to focus on specific areas – such as food reviews, travel, entertainment, etc – but unfortunately, I am not one bit knowledgeable in these areas; so definitely not.

What I do know is that I don’t really want to write about myself and my [rather dull] life, which inevitably leads to plenty of whining and complaining regarding all sorts of things.

Next, do I still wish to keep this space private or do want to open it up to family and friends? I am not really sure about it too. [So if you are reading this now, then you know which way I have decided on.]

For the time being, I guess I will just focus on writing about things that interest me, ie, a mish-mash of books, food, Korean entertainment, movies, art, etc.

Here goes.

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