Yay! I am finally out of work hell.  Okay, not entirely but the light at the end of the tunnel is glowing quite brightly now.

Feeling relieved and somewhat light-hearted, I was in the mood to make lunch today. 

Roast chicken thigh, carrots braised in butter and home-made beef stock (which has been sitting in my freezer forever), mesclun salad with a Japanese dressing. 

Why doesn’t my chicken brown nicely…?!

Actually, what I really like is the braised carrots and the tasty braising stock sweetened by the carrots.  So for me, the chicken and the salad are just accompaniments-for-the-carrots. 

And almost everytime TBH sees carrots on his plate, he’ll ask his “rhetorical” question: “Do you know why western carrots are orange in colour…?” 


Braised Carrots Lunch

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