I have managed to tear myself away from watching Marry Me, Mary to put up a picture of the tea plantation known as Daehan Dawon in Boseong, Jeollanam-do (somewhere in the south-western part of Korea) which I visited as a day-trip while staying in Gwangju. Boseong is a 90min bus ride from Gwangju. And from the Boseong bus terminal, it takes another 20mins to reach Daehan Dawon by a local bus (which departs Boseong in approximately 30-minute intervals; I think the intervals could be shorter during spring and summer but I lack the linguistic ability to make such inquiries with the folks manning the ticket counter.)

I lugged my computer to Korea just so that I could keep myself entertained at night in my room watching dramas, posting photos on Facebook and on the blog. I’m doing a lot of watching dramas and posting photos on Facebook but very little on the blog ‘cos this requires me to apply more of my brain cells and I am kind of low on brain-juice right now.

What I need is a super light MacBook Air. The camera bag and Acer computer together weigh a ton. I have already given up bringing the camera bag everywhere, relying mostly on my 18-200mm zoom lens unless I’m pretty sure that I’m going to a place which definitely requires the use of my other lens.

I’m going to keep this short. Will have to put up backdated posts and fill in the blanks on the trip when I get home.

Gwangju: Boseong Tea Plantation

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