photo IMG_0419-150208-v2__zpsc3e6a0c3.jpgEvery weekend, we find ourselves looking for a place to have breakfast or brunch.  Inevitably, we end up at the usual tried-and-tested places – Starbucks, Assembly Cafe, Beach Road Prawn Noodles or roti prata at Jalan Kayu.  Once in a while, we check out a new cafe for brunch and most of the time, we walk out feeling ripped off.

Last Sunday morning, I came across Black&INK in one of the local food blogs that I visit whenever I need some new ideas of where to go for breakfast or brunch.  It mentioned Black&INK as one of the latest cafes to set up shop here.  I was drawn to its address in Changi Road, which means that I do not have to drive very far to visit the cafe, and I would feel less ripped off should it turn out to be a dud.

 photo IMG_0413-150208-v2__zps9be73cd9.jpgThe cafe is quite tiny, styled in black and white tones, with only one barista holding the fort.  Very affable chap – turns out that he is a food blogger known as Eat With Roy.

 photo IMG_0414-150208-v2__zpscc358864.jpgI ordered a flat white, which came in a Bodum glass.  It was very good.   Full-bodied and very balanced (in my dictionary, that means that the coffee was not too bitter or too acidic).  Yummy.  I am probably too used to drinking flat whites which are all milk and hardly any hint of coffee, so this came as a pleasant surprise.   Roy tells me that he uses his own roasters.

 photo IMG_0416-150208-v2__zps974a1f7a.jpgWe were very hungry, and wanted some food.  Black&INK does not serve cooked food, only cakes.  We ordered three slices of cake – carrot cake, cheesecake and orange poppy seed cake.  I was not expecting much from the cakes, except a sugar rush to kick-start the morning.  Another pleasant surprise – all the cakes were very very good.  The barista tells us that the cakes were baked by a friend of his, who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu.  Some people may begrudge the small portions but they were just nice for middle-aged folks like us.  

I walked out of the cafe feeling satiated, and more importantly, with a happy husband who was not scowling at me for giving him a less than satisfactory breakfast experience because of my poor choices.

This place, if they keep to their current standards, merits weekly visits.  Finding parking may be a little of a problem though.

168 Changi Road
(Located in the Fragrance Building)

Black&Ink Cafe In Changi Road
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