Ha Ha.  Bee is back.

Within minutes of arriving home from the airport (at 1am), I logged onto Youtube to watch Rain’s latest live performances of two songs from his latest album Back To The Basic. 

It has been a long while since I oooohed and aaaahed over him.  So I couldn’t wait to hear his new songs, although the titles of the songs seem to be rather lacking in the creative department (‘Love Song’, ‘Hip Song’, ‘Same’, ‘One’ *YAWN*)

I couldn’t resist watching the newly released music video of the title track, Love Song, while in Bhutan but without the benefit of hearing the song as there were no speakers attached to the computers in the places we stayed at.  I was aghast at how bad the music video is!  The acting is a lethal combination of what you see in a karaoke music video and a Taiwanese soap. 

But the live performances should be waaaay better since there are none of the cheesy acting bits.

Love Song:

Source: CloudVST

I like the melody of this song and the sweet, mellow huskiness of his voice.  But the BLINKING eyelashes are bloody awful and a distraction.  They are like a thorn in my eye!

I don’t even think he looks like a freak (he calls this look ‘androgynous’…?!) wearing those blinkers now, but more like a clown – you know, the long, flappy eyelashes painted onto the faces of a real clown?  All he needs is a red wig and a bunch of balloons.

The choreography makes me very happy although I could do without the heart-pounding part. His splendid, groovy dancing rights all wrongs (eeewwww, *blush*).  Love, love, LOVE this performance!

Mmmm, I dig those pants!  And his thunder thighs are no more.  But why are there so many pieces of clothing under the gladiator-looking top? Are we playing strip poker here? 


Then again, I thought the way he pulled the tank over his head but without taking it off rather clever.

Hip Song:

Source: CloudVST

Not hip at all; unless ‘hip’ refers to the constant gyration of that part of his anatomy. 

I don’t fancy either the song or the choreography – both music and dance seem to be going nowhere for me.  The song is like a disco track gone wrong and as for the dance, all I see is him hopping around like a grasshopper.   Very stylish and captivating hopping though.

But I like the outfit.  He looks super-good in it.  Sans the phallic pouch-thing on his groin!  *groans* What in the world is that?

On balance, I think he does look better fully clothed.  The right kind of clothes I mean.

Next thing to do, listen to the rest of the songs.  But this will have to wait till I have had a shower, gotten some sleep and unpacked my luggage.

Back From Bhutan: Back To The Basic
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