We had another hearty home-cooked meal at the Tangs over the weekend. 


Fried chicken wings. Sambal sweet potato leaf. Stir-fried eggplant with minced pork.

Fried eggs – Rich, runny yolks with unctuous whites and crispy sides. 

And best of it all, an awesome slow-cooked winter melon soup with pork ribs and dried seafood (“Pow Tong”).  The soup was intensely flavorful .  The long hours of boiling must have wrung every bit of goodness from the meat and seafood.  (I have no idea what other secret ingredient was added! Hee.)

I love home-made soups, especially when it has been painstakingly simmered by someone who cares.  To me, a bowl of home-made soup is what it is meant to be – warmth, goodness and kindness. 

White rice, fried eggs and a piping hot bowl of soup – my perfect last meal on this earth.  Okay, throw in a good cup of coffee as well.

So when I got home and was in the midst of uploading photos from the camera into the computer, I was like: WHERE IS THE PHOTO OF THE SOUP?

Nowhere to be found.  I must have forgotten to snap a picture of the soup.  Darn.


Dessert was delicious shortcakes with Korean strawberries and whipped cream. 

I was kinda disappointed that I didn’t get a good photo of this pretty dessert the second time round.  As usual, TBH was hurrying me so that we could all eat dessert and I just couldn’t get a satisfying shot with him going “fai-di, fai-di’.


A Bowl Of Soup

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